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If you’re a Victorian who’s jumped onto Google to type something like ‘pest control near me’, then it’s clear you’re looking for the fastest and most convenient local option. At Defender, we are one of the state’s leading pest control companies and have helped hundreds of homes eradicate infestations both big and small.

No matter if you’re dealing with a major rat problem or have just noticed a wasp nest in your backyard – we can quickly and comprehensively take care of it for you. If you need home pest control, call us today on 0452 632 472 and get a FREE quote!

How much does hiring pest control cost? What can you get rid of?

We provide low-cost and comprehensive pest control in Melbourne

If you are someone who hasn’t had a lot of experience with hiring outside help, you might assume that professional pest control costs a lot of money. Actually, most routine jobs like clearing out cockroaches in the kitchen or spiders from your bathroom won’t set you back too much.

A more advanced and potentially catastrophic infestation, such as bed bugs and termites, will obviously come with a higher price tag because more labour/equipment needs to be used to deal with the problem properly. We don’t believe in doing a half-job, and this is why we always try to be as fair as possible when quoting. This way, our customers can get the problem sorted for good without feeling like they overpaid.

We deal with all of the following types of pests:

As one of the leading Melbourne pest control companies, we know what kind of annoying and disease-carrying critters are common in Victoria at different times of the year. We have experience with every kind of home pest control problem you could possibly have – just call and ask!

End of lease pest control services

Call today and see how little our end of lease pest control costs

If you need to satisfy a ‘make good’ arrangement as part of a real estate contract and know that you have ants, spiders or some other problem infesting the property, then you need to have it professionally taken care of.


Trying to do it yourself might save money, but you will more than likely not do a thorough enough job and will miss things that will cause you to fail inspection. If you have a ‘make good’ clause in your contract, you can rely on our end of lease pest control services to ensure you get your bond money back!

100% pet and child safe

Our pest control in Melbourne is 100% pet and child friendly

If you are a parent to young children and/or you own any pets, and this is your first time looking for ‘pest control near me’, then you would have a reasonable concern about their safety around pesticides and baited traps. For example, since rats, cats, dogs and hamsters are all mammals, you might be worried that the methods we use to trap and eliminate rats could inadvertently harm your pet.

The good news is you have nothing to worry about. We are experts who know what our chemicals are and how to use them safely. We will never do anything that could potentially harm or cause discomfort to your loved ones, human or otherwise.

Why choose us?

Discover why we’re #1 for pest control in Melbourne

At Defender Pest Control Specialists Melbourne, we pride ourselves on the trust we have earned in the community for providing no-nonsense, affordable elimination of troublesome insects and rodents. We know that these problems are nasty and that you want them over as quickly as possible so that you and your family can get back to enjoying your home the way it’s meant to be.

Why you need to hire professional pest control

companies like us

Get the problem solved for good

Trying to treat even a minor infestation without the proper training and equipment can cause you to risk the health of your family and may even make the problem worse. If you want the problem dealt with once and for all, you need to make sure you only hire a professionally licensed firm like ours that has the necessary expertise, experience and equipment.

At Defender Pest Control Specialists Melbourne, we excel at what we do and have all the know-how + tools to do it. When you need a quick, affordable and stress-free fix, we are here to help!

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