As pest controllers, we’re trained and certified in the use of personal protective equipment, and we routinely use gloves, eye protectors and respirators in our work. In addition to these measures, we have a fully vaccinated work force, so you can have extra confidence when booking our services.


The safety of our customers and technicians are always our top priority, and it continues to be so as we embrace a COVID-normal community and environment.

We will continue to practise social distancing when in person and the wearing of face masks. We are also available on the phone, via Chat on our website, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and FaceTime if you’d rather message or video chat us your requirements than talk in person.


We accept instant bank transfers, so no need to exchange cash or touch an eftpos machine.


Pest control is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE. Without pest controllers, infestations of disease carrying pests WILL get out of hand. With each and every change in our COVID-normal environment, we'll continue to be there to protect and defend you & your home from any infestations getting out of control!​​