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Are you dealing with a vermin infestation in your home or business? Or, are you noticing some early signs of an infestation and need a second opinion?

No matter what the case is, you should get the issue looked at by a professional exterminator who will understand how to identify an infestation and kill it at its source. At Defender, we provide pest control for Box Hill residents (and surrounding suburbs) at an affordable rate which enables any home or business to address their issues in a quick and thorough manner.

We provide professional pest control in Box Hill for the following:

Defender Pest Control in Box Hill can also help to relocate other animals like possums or birds who you don’t want to harm but don’t want nesting on your premises either. We always take a humane approach to our work and never seek to cause unnecessary suffering.


All our poisons (which we are professionally trained and qualified to use) are designed to bring quick and painless death, and we never use an excessive amount – only the minimum that is needed.

Why Should You Hire Defender Pest Control in Box Hill?

See why locals rely on Defender when they need pest control in Box Hill

At Defender, we take a lot of pride in our work and our goal has been to remain the #1 choice when local residents need pest control in Box Hill or a surrounding suburb. We are extermination experts and are eager to help you clear away your infestation and make sure it doesn’t come back!

Unrivalled Expertise & Experience

When it comes to expertise and experience with pest control in Box Hill, it’s hard to find a business with more credibility than Defender. We have worked in the local community for a long time and know exactly what kind of vermin are commonplace in different areas, at different times of the year. We’ve seen and done it all before, so you can rest assured that when you hire Defender you will be paired with a technician who knows quickest and most effective way to deal with your infestation for good!

Punctual & Organized

We know that you don’t want to become frustrated dealing with a provider of pest control in Box Hill who is always running late or fails to adequately explain why they forgot a certain essential piece of equipment they need to go back for. You are hiring us because you want to get rid of a stressful issue - not because you want another headache; we are always on time and are upfront with you about any unexpected delays. No matter what, we will always contact you to keep you in the loop!

Safe & Effective Tools

When it comes to how we provide pest control in Box Hill, we put your safety and the safety of your family/children/pets above all other concerns. This means that we only ever use pesticides and poisons in a controlled manner and never use a substance that could be dangerous to you or a loved one. A common concern for many people is that their pet or child might accidentally eat a bait designed for vermin and get sick – this is not a risk when you work with Defender!

Friendly & Courteous

Of course, we take customer service very seriously whenever we provide pest control in Box Hill because we know word of mouth advertising from sincerely grateful customers is one of the best sources of new business! We are dedicated to service with a smile – arriving at your premises, listening to your concerns, identifying the problem and formulating an effective plan to get rid of the infestation once and for all.

Why Do You Need Professional Pest Control in Box Hill?

Discover the reasons why going DIY isn’t always the best course of action

You may think that you can simply buy a few pesticide products/baits/traps in your supermarket and deal with the infestation on the cheap – but do you really know what you are doing? While a few household flies or roaches can be dealt with on your own, an infestation is a serious problem that only gets worse the longer it goes without professional attention.

Why can’t I do DIY pest control in Box Hill?

  1. You don’t have professional-grade equipment or training with how to use it safely and effectively.

  2. You don’t have training on how to deal with different kinds of infestations and what methods are appropriate in different circumstances.

  3. You don’t know how to minimize exposure and ensure that others are not inadvertently harmed by your work.

  4. You don’t have the same professional liability or expectation to do a thorough job.

  5. The job you do will likely be piecemeal and allow the infestation to recover and grow.

On the contrary – at Defender we have all the necessary training, equipment and experience to deal with your infestation once and for all. Rather than doing a lackluster job that you’ll end up paying more in the long run just to fix – do yourself a favor at engage our expert team right from the start!

Does Your Business Need Professional Pest Control

in Box Hill?

If you run a business and think or know that you have a vermin infestation, then it is absolutely essential you close shop and call Defender to see how we can start correcting the issue. Running your business with an active infestation is not only dangerous for health and safety reasons, it opens you up to liability issues. This is especially true if you run a business like a café or restaurant where the presence of vermin can indicate contaminated food and pose a hazard to your customers.

Whether you have an infestation in your home or business – your need professional help to deal with it for good. Call Defender Pest Control in Box Hill on 0452 632 472 or contact us online today!

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