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Child & Pet Friendly

Get rid of pesky critters with our child & pet friendly pest control in Brighton. We help keep your property and loved ones safe and healthy.

If you have discovered an infestation in your home or workplace, it is important to get on top of it quickly using pest control in Brighton. Letting ants, spiders or cockroaches wander through your home is not only unsanitary, but potentially dangerous.

Some species of spiders and ants, as well as wasps, have bites which can be poisonous or painful to humans. Rats, fleas and cockroaches can carry diseases, whilst termites can ruin the integrity of your building.

Our fully-insured Brighton pest control services are affordable, fast and effective – and we provide a service guarantee to give you extra peace of mind.

Pests We Remove

We are equipped to deal with virtually any critters that might be present in your property, such as (but not limited to):

Our Brighton Pest Control Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Brighton pest control services to keep you covered, ranging from treatment to prevention.


Our trained technicians conduct  detailed and methodical inspections, using specialised tools such as thermal imaging cameras. All areas of the property will be evaluated for evidence of unwanted pests, from sheds to retaining walls. Our technicians check for any signs of past and present critter activity along with any conditions which may heighten pest risk factors, such as moisture.

Pest control treatments in Brighton

Our pest control treatments in Brighton vary depending on the type of critter you want removed. Treatment options we offer include:

  • Pesticide spray

  • Fumigation

  • Traps and baiting

Termite Inspections

Our expert pest control specialists carry out a full inspection of your house or place of work to check for any potential signs of termites. We then provide our recommendations for potential treatments based on the size and location of the infestation, as well as your requirements.

How It Works

The process of hiring our Brighton pest control services is easy!

1. Book an inspection

Select a time and date that suits you for us to perform an inspection of your property. We will then travel to your property and carry out our assessment. Depending upon our findings, we will proceed with the pest control treatment on the same day. 

2. Let us do the work

We carry out our work in a fast, safe and efficient manner. Depending upon the treatment, you will be able to remain in the property at the same time. However, given the nature of the work, there are some circumstances where you will be required to leave the property for 3-4 hours while the treatment sets.

3. Be patient

Depending on the method we have used, it can take up to two weeks before all pests have been dealt with. Depending upon the type of pest, a follow up treatment may be required This advice will be provided at the time of inspection. 

Our Difference

Here’s why you should choose us for pest control in Brighton:


6 month guarantee

Our treatments come with a 6 month warranty to give you extra peace of mind.


Child & pet friendly

We only use approved pesticides that are proven to be safe and suitable for those with children and pets.


Experienced and trusted team

Our staff have years of experience and are passionate about their work, making us a trusted part of the Melbourne community.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding Brighton pest control services:

Do I need to leave the premises during the treatment?

In most instances this is not necessary. However, certain treatments such as fumigation may pose a health and safety risk. If this is the case, our staff will let you know if you should leave the property. You may be asked to leave for up to four hours while the treatment sets.

Do I need to take any precautions with my pets?

While our products are pet-friendly, it is advised to remove your pets from the property while the treatment is being performed. It can take up to four hours before the treatment completely dries. If this isn’t an option, placing your pets in the garage or laundry is an alternative. Ensure you remove water and food bowls from any areas which will be undergoing treatment. Fish bowls should be covered with glad wrap, and birdcages and ponds should be covered with a tarp or similar material.

Which areas will be treated?

This depends on your particular problem – it might simply be a room, or it could cover everything including fencing. Our qualified staff will chat with you about the most appropriate treatment methods following an inspection of your property. You will be briefed on everything from what to expect on the day to preventative measures. 

How long does the process take?

The length of time it will take depends on the pest control services being performed as well as the size of your property. Following the property inspection, our Brighton pest controllers  will let you know how long it is expected to take. It takes around 1 hour to perform a general treatment for the average home. You may require multiple treatments to get the best results depending on the pest problem you have.

How long does it take for the treatment to take effect?

General spray treatments are effective immediately. You will see a dramatic drop off in pest activity, with complete control of the nuisance pest occurring within 2-4 weeks. Certain treatments, such as ones dealing with rodents, may take 1-2 weeks based on the extent of the problem.

Can the treatment continue if it’s raining?

In most cases, yes. However, in the instance of heavy rain when a treatment needs to be partially conducted outdoors, your technician may complete the interior and perform the exterior work on a later date when the rain clears up.

What are my payment options?

We take VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and cash payments.

For reliable and affordable pest control in Brighton, give us a call or schedule an inspection online. We’re always up for a chat!

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