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Say goodbye to ants and roaches with Defender Pest Control Specialists, your trusted and local pest controller in Glen Waverley

Why wait any longer to get rid of that pesky possum in the roof, or the cockroach problem in the kitchen? Don’t wait for your guests to shriek out in disgust before you get help – get your situation in check with our pest control in Glen Waverley services ASAP!

Our experienced staff will inspect your home or business and use only the most appropriate methods to deal with your infestation problem.

While Melbourne is a gorgeous city which features stunning beaches attractions, and beautiful suburbs like Glen Waverley,  its urban density and climate make it prone to a number of unwanted creatures such as ants and termites. This is especially so in Glen Waverley, as in any other suburb, which is why staying on top of pest control in Glen Waverley is so important!

We’re experts in getting rid of the following:

We make sure to deal with these pests as humanely as possible, using only poisons that kill swiftly and in a pain-free manner. We are also adept at relocating larger animals like possums and birds, which you don’t want to kill but are being a nuisance by nesting in your roof.

Here’s why you should hire Defender Pest Control Specialists in Glen Waverley

Locals have relied on Defender Pest Control Specialists in Glen Waverley for years

Defender Pest Control Specialistsaims to remain locals’ #1 choice for extermination for life! We are proud of the ongoing work we have done for our community, and we strive to continue keeping local homes and businesses clean and healthy.

Years of experience

Infestations can be messy and tough to deal with – so don’t waste your time with amateurs. Go for the professionals with years of experience working in the community. We are well educated on the local pest scene and are equipped to handle it. We have seen and done it all, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that you have chosen the best team there is.

Organised and punctual

We live in a busy era - no one wants to hire a team that’s always running late. Our team is highly punctual and organised, and we do our best to ensure we are always at your property on time. With us, you won’t have to worry about us being stuck in traffic or having forgotten some essential equipment. However, in the rare event that this does happen, we will keep you in the loop.

Exceptional customer service

We love giving our clients our all! We specialise in extermination with a smile and do our very best to fulfil all our client’s requests and needs. When you arrange a consultation, we will run through your concerns, figure out the issue and then make an action plan. Great customer service is our middle name (so to speak)!

Prioritises safety

Safety is vital in our industry, and we make sure to protect your pets and family at all costs. Our staff are trained and experienced at using a range of poisons, and we ensure to use only pet-friendly ones. While in most cases you can stay in the property, we will let you know if you need to leave for a couple of hours.

Should I use DIY pest control in Glen Waverley?

There are a number of reasons why DIY could be a bad idea – hiring professional pest control in Glen Waverley is the safer option

While DIY pest control sounds like a tempting option. BUT baits from the supermarket don’t always work! It’s fine if you’ve got a few wandering ants in your kitchen, but it’s another story altogether if you have a cockroach or rat infestation (especially if you run a food business!). There are several reasons why DIY isn’t that great – and why it might even make things worse.

What’s so bad about DIY?

1. Most people lack the training and equipment to do a safe and thorough job.

2. Most people don’t know how to minimise poison exposure to people and pets.

3. Doing a half-hearted job won’t abolish the problem and it may grow back worse.

4. The more time that passes without attention from a professional, the worse your situation may get.

So what can you do instead? Hiring a professional pest controller in Glen Waverley is the best way to do a proper job straight off the bat. Our team is highly experienced and trained in extermination and relocation, and with our affordable prices and swift working times, we are the obvious choice. Save money in the long run by doing things right straight away!

Pest control in Glen Waverley for businesses

If you are worried your business might have a pest control problem, seek professional help immediately. This is especially vital if you work with food, as your restaurant or café could be shut down as a result of health & safety or liability issues if cockroaches or rats are found. We make sure to deal with the issue discreetly and quickly so you can get back to work.

Helping our customers maintain healthy, safe workplaces is important to us. We believe that having good hygiene and getting rid of pests is essential for running a healthy workplace. We are proud to be able to help make this process as easy and stress-free for our clients as we can, and to help reduce illness and boost productivity.

Don’t waste any more time with your infestation – get it sorted for good and get back to your life. Get in contact with Defender Pest Control Specialists in Glen Waverley today to receive your FREE quote.

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