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Rats in the Roof 🐀

Why you shouldn't ignore those scratching noises in the ceiling

Scratching noises in your roof and shorting electrical appliances don’t often go hand-in-hand, however it doesn’t hurt to take a look in your ceiling void from time to time for evidence of rodent activity.

We were recently called to a customer’s property after their air-conditioning unit had been shorting. The electrician they had called out before us had found that the customer’s air-conditioning unit cabling had been chewed through completely by rats.

The customer had been hearing noises in their roof for some time but had ignored the issue until their air-conditioner stopped working, and so it couldn’t be put off any longer.

Our site inspection found rat droppings extensively throughout the roof cavity. Our inspection also identified a significant number of trees overhanging the property’s roof line which had likely given the rodents the access they needed to enter into the roof cavity and set up home.

To tackle the issue, we implemented a baiting program using a multi-baiting strategy to ensure there’d be no bait avoidance. We recommended that the overhanging trees be cut back and managed to a level below 1m from the roof line. We further recommended that the surrounding heavy foliage and grass also be cut back away from the house and regularly maintained to reduce cover for rodents to easily move about and eventually into the ceiling cavity again.

Getting on top of those noises earlier would have prevented the subsequent damage to the air-con unit - a much more costly overall outcome than nipping those noises in the bud at the outset.

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