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The famous Michael McIntyre has a great comedy skit on the three types of people when it comes to wasps: wafters, stay-stillers, and total-panickers. But he forgot the fourth type – the people that call us, the Specialists in wasp extermination and nest removal.

What are Wasps? Their Life Cycle & Hiding Spots

Wasps are fast flying insects, most active during the daytime, that pack a painful sting when disturbed or agitated. Not only will they sting, but they’ll sting several times over! Wasp stings can cause severe allergic reactions in some people and so should be treated with caution if encountered.


The European and paper wasps are typically found throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Wasps are social insects living in large paper-like nests which tend to be found mostly in the ground, tree stumps and hollows, rockeries, wall cavities, and roof voids.


Nest sizes vary from about 15 cm to approx. 5 m and may house over 100,000 workers! Typically, nests usually last only one year. The cold winter months kill off the males and send the newly fertilised queens into hibernation until the warmer climate returns. In springtime, the queens emerge and establish new nests, laying their eggs in the cells of the new nest. After some weeks in the larval stage of development, the wasps pupate and emerge as adults, taking over the work of the nest from the queen.


Worker wasps are sterile females ranging from 12-15 mm in length. They have distinctive yellow bands and a black body. Queens and male wasps are about 20 mm long – 2-3 times the size of the workers – by comparison.

How to Get Rid of Wasps: Wasp Control & Nest Removal

Don’t risk being stung multiple times over trying to take on these insects yourself.


The only effective way to control wasps is to find their nest and eradicate it. At Defender, our highly trained technicians have the proper tools and clothing needed to tackle these pests. Our wasp pest control treatment involves the use of an insecticidal dust or spray into the identified nest via the entry tunnel. These products work quickly and have a residual effect to tackle the wasps at all stages of their life cycle.


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